About Fine Feathers

"Fine Feathers strive to inspire people with simple ideas and services to help them connect and collaborate in new and existing ways. We want to be a customized experience that cannot be measured."                            


Visualise your staff entering a client meeting – professional, polished and equipped with the right look, mannerism and confidence, and the result…success. The latest corporate image statistics published in the New York Times stipulated that 55% of your success is due to visual image, 38% vocal and 7% of what you actually had to say. These determine if your prospect becomes a client...

About Our Owner 


Fine Feathers was started by myself, Diane, in 2009 with a vision and a passion to Style and Brand companies. My intentions are solely dedicated to highlighting a

companies most valuable assets your brand and your staff. I wanted to offer my clients a one-stop-shop to help them streamline a specific look throughout their company, giving them a complete “company make-over".

I am a motivated and reliable individual. I strive to push myself to reach higher goals and excel in as many areas within the industry as possible. My speciality is managing and delegating any team in order to reach all specified milestones and targets. I am more than capable of performing under pressure and welcome the challenge.

-Diane Dos SantosManaging Director

Internationally Certified Image Consultant

Brand Ambassador

Online Marketing Specialist

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