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Fine Feathers has an exceptional range of corporate clothing that will enhance your professional appearance. Tailored with outstanding materials to bring you superior comfort and resilience, our range of stylish corporate clothes will give you the look you want and deserve. We have an assortment of formal apparel that includes trousers, blazers and uniforms for both men and women. 

Business clothing has to make you feel confident while providing optimal comfort. Your clients or prospective employers expect you to look good as if it is a reflection of your business ethic. Wearing only the best ensures that you look the part and further augments that intellect that you possess.

Image Consulting Services


Corporate Services – your staff are your brand, let their professional and polished appearance sell your concept.

Plus size imaging – professional advice for dressing yourself 10kg lighter. Styling for ‘Your” unique body type, and undertone – tricks of the trade to boost our confidence and self-esteem.

Personal colour profiling – we perform a complete Colour Analysis to determine your undertone – What’s your season and advise how to incorporate all elements for a new, vibrant and flawless ‘you’.

Style and Personality & Analysis - we identify what’s your style personality, and in conjunction with your body type and undertone we accurately personalise a fashionable yet appropriate look for you.

Wardrobe auditing – do you have a wardrobe full of clothes however you wear only 10% - 20% because you don’t quite know how to piece some items together to form a harmonious and stylish outfit – with our help you will maximize the potential of your wardrobe without having to buy anything new to add to your overflowing wardrobe

Personal shopping – we will accompany you to all your favourite stores and advise on which outfits will be the most flattering on you.

Makeup training – we will teach you how to correctly apply your makeup, which colours best suit you and also how to contour your face for a polished and professional look.

Group seminars and presentations – we offer many group seminars and presentations in various topics. Please refer to this section for an in depth breakdown, we can also customise talks based on your requests.

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